iPad dos and donts

Some basic dos and dont's for iPad users with Waysact:


  1. Add a Home screen bookmark. It is possible to create a Safari bookmark that will launch from a home screen icon (it will appear in full screen). There are numerous reasons why this is not recommended. From a usability point of view, this mechanism in iOS will force a refresh every time the icon is opened meaning you will need the app to completely load every time you cycle to another application. There are also issues with how iOS manages offline storing for bookmarked pages.
  2. Use Private browsing. Private browsing disables the offline storage on the app and should not be used.


  1. Remember me. Ticking remember me on log in will mean the fundraiser won't be automatically logged out and the form details will be saved if cycling between apps.
  2. Install another browser for surfing the web. Use of Waysact on one of multiple tabs within Safari is perfectly acceptable but you might consider having another browser (e.g. Chrome) installed for research and other web use. 
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