How are welcome emails sent to supporters?

Waysact have a single dedicated IP with that is whitelisted so we can send emails on behalf of an email address provided by your charity.

We don't require an SPF record as the emails are coming from this trusted source. We are very careful of maintaining the highest reputation to maintain whitelisting by:

  • Very low bounce and invalid rates - We employ numerous controls on the form to ensure email addresses are valid. These include disabling copy/paste for email match retyping, using fuzzy logic to suggest the user might have misspelled any of the top 100 email domains globally (hotmale -> hotmail); we even send a ping to the mail server to check the email account exists. This matters because bounced/invalid emails affect our reputation.
  • We ensure the emails are coded to the latest/highest standards - again this affects deliverability.
  • We police emails to ensure there are no further asks, that they are purely transactional in nature to prevent any errant spam reports.

Waysact send many thousands of individual transactional emails to new email addresses every day worldwide. We have a delivery rate of 94% across all our customers as a result of these measures

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