Sharing Private GPG Keys with GnuPG Privacy Assistant (GPA)

If you need multiple people to be able to decrypt high security exports and are using GPA to manage keys and encryption/decryption in a Windows desktop environment, please follow these simple steps:

  1. On the PC that has the private key, open GPA Key Manager and select the key to be shared - Note: the key information should show: "The key has both a private and a public part"
  2. Select meny Keys > Backup (do NOT choose Export as this will only export the public part)
  3. Save the key (e.g. secret-key-KEYID.asc) to a USB drive that you transfer to the new PC.
  4. On the new PC, open GPA Key Manager and select Keys > Import Keys...
  5. Browse to the key you've saved on the USB drive (e.g. secret-key-KEYID.asc) and Open.
  6. The confirmation message should display "...1 public keys imported... 1 secret keys imported..."
  7. Once the key is successfully on the new computer, delete the key from the USB drive.

We recommend consulting your IT Security administrator on the above process. If keys are shared it is particularly important to include the shared key's management in your security procedures.

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