Supported Hardware/Software Configurations

System Requirements

The Waysact fundraiser front-end is only supported on iPads running iOS version 9 and above (only using Safari) and Android tablets using mobile Chrome.

We recommend using any 3G capable iPad, running iOS 9 or newer. An iPad mini is perfectly fine as it is cheaper and and has good battery, you can also use full size iPads.

A standard rule of thumb is that whatever you buy should be able to upgrade to the latest operating system or version of iOS. If a new version is just around the corner and the device you're thinking about won’t be supported then we advise against it.


Waysact does not support private browsing mode. If your form is displaying strange behavior, please check to make sure you are in normal browsing mode.

Additionally, running Waysact in full-screen mode is not-supported by our software, and can cause unexpected errors in Waysact. We have disabled the fundraiser form in full-screen mode for this reason. This protection has been put in place to ensure that the Waysact platform works correctly.

Waysact can be accessed from the browser of your choice, just not in full-screen mode.


Before you delete the bookmarks: if a pledge is saved unsent and a bookmark was used, the pledge will be saved in the bookmark's database (it's like creating a standalone app). It will not be visible to the app when opened in Safari.

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