The web app isn't loading correctly (e.g. missing text and broken buttons)

If the Waysact web app isn't loading correctly then it's likely that 'Private Browsing' mode is enabled on the iPad.

What is 'Private Browsing' mode?

'Private Browsing' mode is a special setting available in the Safari web browser. It attempts to prevent websites from tracking you and also disables various features, such as your search history and local storage.

Why does this matter?

The Waysact web app depends on local storage for a number of reasons, such as caching content and saving offline pledges. 'Private Browsing' mode disables local storage, which means that the Waysact web app cannot function.

How can I tell if 'Private Browsing' mode is enabled?

There are a number of tell-tale signs that 'Private Browsing' is enabled when using the Waysact web app. They are:

  • The menu bar is black instead of grey
  • Some buttons are unlabelled
  • Some buttons won't work
  • Some information text may be missing
  • Previously saved pledges won't be visible on the dashboard
  • Form fields may be incorrectly aligned

How do I exit 'Private Browsing' mode?

On the latest version of iOS you can exit 'Private Browsing' mode by tapping on the 'tabs' button and then tapping on the 'Private' button.

If you're using an older device you can find instructions on how to exit 'Private Browsing' mode on the Apple website.

Once you've left 'Private Browsing' mode you might need to log back in to Waysact.

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